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Third Eye Artist’s Group is an non profit organization. Our main work is to highlight the talented artists across. This group is made with the partnership of the artists from India and Bangladesh . The President of our group is Mr. Anghsuman Saha from India, Mr. Somnath Biswas is the secretary from India and Sadiya Aktar is coordinator from Bangladesh. What we are today because of the wonderful members of our group. We work just to give recognition and platform for the new and talented artists across the globe so that they can achieve bigger heights.


Third Eye Artist’s Group is formed to inspire Artists, fresh thinkers to excel their ideas to the people of this world, Third Eye Artist’s Group offers free  Membership for all Artists around the world for the wellness of Art & Culture to start a new era in this earth.

With our creativity we are trying to rejuvenate the mind body and soul of every person in this earth.


The ‘Third Eye Artist’s Group” is a non profit organization which is offering artists to share their creativity. Third Eye Artist’s Group is good unity for Artists over the world to promote Art & Artists’ worldwide. Our purpose is Developing and Promoting work of Artists in Various forms such as- Sculpture, Painting, Creative and Traditional Painting and Photography etc.

Creative Vision
As a team we are trying to envision a new era of Art by combining the best global design practices with lifelike experiences to capture the essence of the Art that is being created.

If you want to join our next program then you can follow our instructions. Third Eye Artist’s Group is a non profitable art organization so you can feel free to join us.
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